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Dholera Smart City investment

of infrastructure environment

What makes DHOLERA Smart City A best investment destination across the india

India's 2nd largest international airport
Metro Rail from Ahm to Dholera
6 Lane Express way Ahm to Dholera
Worlds largest 5000mw solar park
DMIC Delhi mumbai industrial corridor
Self sustained Eco-system environment
Global Business HUB (Center)
India's Largest Greenfield smart city in 920 sq km

The First Smart City of India - DHOLERA

Dholera SIR is set to become one of India’s most developed regions wherein all aspects of life, work and play seamlessly converge to create a world-class city. Dholera SIR is carefully planned and gone extra mile to make it the destination of our choice.

Located in the Prime Minister’s home state of Gujarat and a part of his visionary plan, Dholera is extremely well connected to the rest of India and the world. It will be home to non-polluting industries. It will be the perfect place to set up large manufacturing units due to the availability of large land parcels.

Smart Dholera brings you the opportunity to invest in residential plots and land in Dholera SIR at a very reasonable price at the moment. This plot of land can be further developed into various property structures such as apartments, flats, villas and bungalows with rich amenities and legally approved documents.

    Here are some reasons to buy a residential plot in land investment region in Dholera: –

  • Dholera SIR is the first smart city of India that is progressing at a faster pace compared to any other city in India.
  • Dholera SIR will be developed as a model township across the globe.
  • The city is built using advanced and eco-friendly technology called the green building concept.
  • The smart city is advantageously situated near GIFT City as well as the DMIC corridor.
  • It is the first special investment region after the SIR Act sanction.
  • The largest sweet water lake at Kalpasar Dam which is near Dholera SIR is estimated to collect 25% of rainwater of Gujarat.
  • People who are looking for smart investment plan can easily invest in Dholera SIR or outsite of the same. It is up to the customer, but mostly it is advisable to invest inside Dholera SIR as it would likely to serve high returns and world class facilities as well.
  • If you are thinking to invest OUTSIDE of Dholera SIR region, then you must invest close proximity, that is not more than 500 meters from Dholera SIR limits.
  • It would be biggest infrastructure development projects in India worth $12 billion.
  • The Rs. 296 Crores budget is accepted (as on Feb.2011) for the proposed Ferry Service via Sea Transit between Bharuch and Bhavnagar so that it will considerably lessen the time to reach from Surat. The logistic assist for the Delhi-Mumbai dedicated Freight hall linked with efficient rail and road community.

    Big Investors

  • Mahindra and Mahindra proposed to invest more than 2,000 crore & has Job opportunity for more than 1,00,000 employees.
  • ADAG (owned by well-known business tycoon Mr.Anil Ambani) to invest 20,000 crore and has Job opportunities for 30,000 employees.
  • Airbus eyes Gujarat for helicopter plant - Times of India 25th Dec 2016

Dholera Special Investment Region

It is also declared to be the first smart city in the nation. In the recent times, Dholera Investment Project has gained a lot of popularity among investors for their short term and long term investment. It is taken as the remarkable city which is consist of great technology, high-class designs, amazing infrastructure and excellent technology. All these amazing features make it a preferred choice for investors. They are looking forward to investing in the same as they know from it they will be able to grab handsome profits from the same. It is a great place to get affordable housing and land at low cost.

"Gujarat has had a strong industrial base, in recent years, it has mode an impressive progress from industrial clusters and estates to special Economic zone. Now, it graduates to special investment region. You can foresee. it will be a new gujarat within Gujarat"

Dholera smart city is soon going to be a dream living come to reality. The best time to buy land in Dholera Sir, especially residential plot in now. Various economic experts over the world are putting resources into Dholera plots. Even, the government is also planning to raise funds for the project from private investors as well as foreign investors. Dholera smart city is going to have gigantic commercial multiplexes and malls to meet the needs of people from every walk of their life. People who are going to invest in Dholera smart city will have deluxe life in the forthcoming Greenfield city for sure.

Development in Dholera

Dholera SIR designed to be ISO 37120 compliant

Constant Monitoring By CCTV Camera
Smart Roadway Management
Smart Transport Management
Smart Solid Waste Management
Smart Water Management
Water Recycling
Waste to Energy
Smart Power Management
Trunk Infrastructure Like Gas
Renewable Energy
Sensors With ICT Network
Environment Monitoring System
Health Facilities and Education

The two main facilities especially made available in the land investment region in Dholera are education and health facility, which cannot be compromised. Dholera smart city will have best-in-class schools, institutes, kindergartens, day-care and colleges that provide students top-notch education. Also for better patient care on time, Dholera smart city will have the best maternity homes, nursing homes, dispensaries, vet clinics, health centers, pathological laboratories, and multi-speciality hospitals.

Multiple Means of Transport

Buy land in Dholera Sir because it is going to be a premium area for businesses as well as investors. Transportation is a must for successful trade and business to make mega cities easily reachable. This is why there will be multiple modes of transport which include 8 lane express highways, international airport, seaport, railways, and even the metro. All these makes transportation of Dholera gives a seamless and time-saving travel experience to companies and businesses established there.

Special Civic Amenities

Invest in Dholera Smart City to receive first-class civic comforts such as clean administrative buildings, pure water from the Narmada canal, huge water treatment plant, incessant power transmission, sewage treatment plants, non-stop internet, gas pipelines that are to be constructed here with the finance sanctioned by the central government.

Other innovative smart city features that Dholera SIR would offer are technology-driven traffic management systems, Smart Street lighting system, a centrally integrated operation center, a complaint management system, and the list goes on.

Perfect Land Investment Region

Dholera SIR has the most modern infrastructure and high-class facilities that will attract people from around the world to buy land in Dholera Sir. There are numerous residential plots for sale in Dholera currently. If you are planning to invest in land in this futuristic city, this is a perfect time. Dholera smart city investment will any time help you in multiplying your wealth in the short or long term.

If you are looking for any land for sale in Dholera smart city, then Contact Us for a free visit to the site with expert guidance.